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500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
Tons River Raft

This a great trip for those who want to enjoy river running and trekking. Our time is spent between two half day rafting trips, a three day self-contained raft expedition and two days trekking. The Tons is a continuous river with one rapid leading into the next as the river adopts a boulder garden style. The rafting can be physically demanding due the nature of the river and we require kayakers to be solid on class IV white-water.

The Tons river rises high in the Bandarpunch mountains (6285 m), and flows through western Garhwal in Uttaranchal. It passes through scenic forests and remote villages inhabited by warm and friendly people. Adrenaline pumping river days are followed by relaxed afternoons, to be spent under leafy alders, taking short hikes into the alpine forests and camping out near fields of calf-high mint and marijuana.

The culture in the area is unique even to India. Polyandry, and to some extent, polygamy, are the normal practice. Economically, these customs probably owe their origin to a necessity to keep population down and prevent division of property. A system of bride price, where the worth of a bride-to-be increases with the number of past husbands she has had, is still prevalent.

Duration: 8 days
Location: Uttaranchal

Outline Itinerary On arrival to India you will be met at the Airport. Depending on your personal itinerary you will go straight to Camp Lunagad or hotel in Delhi.

Day 1: Delhi to Camp Lunagad: 10 hrs We travel in private vehicles from Delhi to our fixed camp on the Tons River (435 km) We break the journey up stopping for all meals and plenty of chai (sweet milky tea). We arrive at Lunagad for barbeque dinner and check in. Overnight camp.

Days 2 & 3: Rafting Raft on the Tons from Mori to Khunigad. We start with a comprehensive safety talk and get everybody familiar with being on the river. These two days are great river sections for rafts and kayaks. We come back to stay at Camp Lunagad each evening, to discuss the days adventures over great food in a relaxing setting.

Days 4 & 5: Trekking We trek up to Ringalli Rest House - an old British Rest House - in time for lunch and we set up camp in the area. Enjoy the great views, walk through the villages and meeting the local people. Return to Camp Lunagad by the afternoon of the fifth day for lunch. Have a relaxing afternoon . Prepare all the gear for the self-contained river expedition starting tomorrow.

Days 6, 7 & 8: Self-contained river expedition We drive downriver for two hours to reach Tiuni ,the starting point of our river expedition. Here the Pabbar river joins the Tons and the river increases in size and volume. We move downriver into the more tropical part of the valley which has excellent white-water. We paddle big white-water through amazing scenery, camping out on the side of the river each night. After a 60 km journey we reach the Icchari, our take-out point and the end of the expedition. From here we are met by waiting vehicles to take us back to Delhi. We arrive into Delhi in the evening, Trip ends.
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  • Your staff on the trek were excellent, helpful & extremely friendly! I will never forget this experience! Thanks to all & see you again.
    Mr. Walter Rayher Denmark Trip - Langtang Valley

  • Excellent leader and service from all staff. Excellent relationships with them all.
    Mrs. Teresa Brass Maidenhead, UK Trip - Annapurna Sanctuary
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