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500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
Overa Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Srinagar - Northern state of Jammu and Kashmir.
Nearest Access: Srinagar (Hill Station of Kashmir Valley), 76 km from This Park.
Wildlife Attractions: Hangul, Musk Deer, Serow, Rhesus Macaque, Langur, Leopard
Coverage Area: 32.27, Square Kilometers.
Altitude: 3,000-5,425 meters.
Climate: Minimum: 10 Degree in winter | 32, Degree in Summer.
Best Time to Visit: Mammal Viewing - Sep. to March,
Bird Viewing - March to May

About this Park
Located 76 kms from Srinagar in the south-east, Overa Wildlife Sanctuary is characterized by stunning mountain landscapes, grass-clad hills and deep valleys. Situated near Pahalgam, the region play hosts to a large number of rare and endangered species of mammals and birds. It harbors 13 species of mammals and over 80 species of birds. Much acclaim has been accorded to the Overa Wildlife Sanctuary, famous for its diversity of wildlife and best known for magnificent species of pheasants.

The sanctuary area as distinct from the other wildlife reserves of the valley holds a rich assemblage of pheasants like the Chukar, Koklas, Monal and Himalayan Snow Cock. Other avifaunas include the jungle Crow, red billed Chough, griffon Vulture, bearded Vulture, Himalayan Whistling Thrush, Rufous-backed Shrike, Indian Mynah, etc.

Tourist Attraction at Dachigam
The Overa Wildlife Sanctuary is rich in flora which includes mainly coniferous forests. The main species found are aesculus indica, pinus griffithii, abies pindrow, morus alba, juglans regia, etc. Major shrub associates are Desmodium tiliaefolium, Indigofera heterantha, Isdon spp., etc, while the main ground layer is characterized by dicotlydonous herbs comprising Artemisia vulgaris, Taraxacum officinale, Anemone spp, Primula spp., etc. The sanctuary provides refuge to a wide variety of mammals most of which are on the verge of extinction. So efforts are being made in conserving these animals. Some of them are the musk deer, hangul, rhesus macaque, serow, langur, leopard, leopard cat, etc.

How to Reach There
Air: Nearest Airport is Srinagar (87-km), Rail: Nearest railhead is Jammu (280-km), Road: Regular buses ply from Pahalgam (11-km), Anantanag (40-km), and Srinagar (76-km) to the sanctuary. From Delhi you can reach there by a flight to Srinagar.

Visiting Season
Prime viewing time for the upper areas is from May to August In the lower areas, for bird viewing the best time is March to May and for animal viewing from September to March. Accommodation is available in two bedroom huts situated within the sanctuary.

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