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500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
Oracle Lake/Lamo Lhatso Trek

Cultural highlights in Lhasa. Cradle of the Tibetan civilization Tsedang.5 days trekking to oracle lake Lhamo Latso and Chokorgye Monastery. We will visit Potala Palace the holy land and landmark of Tibet, and Jokhang the holiest monastery in Tibet. And then we drive to Tsetang, the cradle of the Tibetan civilization. After visit the oldest Tibetan monastery Samye and Yumbulakhang, the castle of first Tibetan Kings drive to Woka, the start point of our five-day trekking with horse caravan. We complete the sacred pilgrimage trek to Lhamo Latso, the most important oracle lake of Tibet, continue to trek through grasslands to the ruins of Chökorgye Monastery which sits dramatically in the wide, grassy plain of Gyal Metoktang Known as the vision lake of the Dalai Lamas, Lhamo Latso is the most important oracle lake of Tibet, holding the life-force of the protectress Pelden Lhamo, who is identified with the life-spirit of Tibet and the Dalai Lamas. Make this holy pilgrimage trek to spiritual Lhamo Latso, similar to Dalai Lamas who often journeyed to this lake to seek visions regarding their future and circumstances of their death.

Outline Itinerary
Day01 Chengdu/Beijing/Shanghai/Xian/Chongqin/Kunming to Lhasa Lhasa airport picking up, have a good rest in the afternoon. Overnight at Lhasa.

Day02 Lhasa sightseeing
Visit Potola Palace, Johkang temple, and Barkor Market. Overnight at Lhasa.

Day03 Lhasa sightseeing
Visit Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, overnight at Lhasa.

Day04 Lhasa/ Tsedang
In the morning drive 200 km to Tsedang. Located in the southeast of Lhasa, Tsedang is 3,500 meters high. It was said the legendary ancestors of Tibetans, a monkey (Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara in the shape of a monkey) and his wife a Dakhini once lived on the Gongpori mountain in the east of the city. And so the city of Tsetang is regarded as the Playground of Monkeys and the Tibetans as the descended of the Monkey. In terms of geography, the fertile valleys of Yarlung and Chongye here are appropriate for development of Tibetan civilization; there were once numerous temples, shrines and Stupas in this area. Besides, Chonggye is the birthplace of the 5th Dalai Lama (1617-1682). Overnight in hotel.

Day05 Tsedang
Visit Samye 40 km west to Tsedang. Located in the north of Yarlung Tsangpo River and hold in the arms of mountains, it is the oldest monastery of Tibet (8th century). The stele hanging on the entrance to the main temple shows that king Trisong Detsen took Buddhism as the state religion in 779. The monastery complex consists of several buildings, whose arrangement reflects the Buddhist conception of the structure of the universe. Meru, the world mountain in the center of the universe, is represented in the building of great hall, around which are 4 halls representing the 4 continents swimming in the world sea. After lunch we make a trip in the Yarlung valley to visit the Yumbulakhang, a castle built in the 7th and 8th centuries during the time of the first Tibetan kings. It is far viewed that the castle is high on the rock hills and looks brightly white. The original fortress is now converted into a chapel; in the ground floor there is a shrine in honor of the early kings. The steps up are steep but it is worthy because on the top of the hill you can far view the valley and the surrounding mountain. Overnight in hotel.

Day06 Tsedang/ Sangri - Woka
In the morning drive about 40 km to Sangri via Tsedang Bridge. On the way visit the remains of the Densatil Monastery located on the Phagdru Mountain, which is the ancestor temple of the Phagdru Kagyu, the most influential one of the four main sub-branches of the Kagyu Sect. Rooted on this monastery, the Phagdru regime came into being in the history of the Tibet. The mountain is beautiful and steep, covered with various trees and flowers. After lunch at Sangri, drive downhill to Woka Waterpower Station (shooting forbidden.) And then drive uphill for about 20 km and reach Woka village (3800 m), where you can take a hot spring bath at your own expenses. Meet local guide and prepare for hiking such as hiring horse, arranging luggage, etc. Overnight in tent

Day07 Trekking (26 km, 7-9 hours, 3800m-3900m)
Hike on the winding mountain path, through small valleys. After Qulong Temple, hike about 30 minutes, reach Qulong village and visit Qusang Temple, where Tsongkhapa once stayed to spreading Buddhist teachings of Gelug Sect. Overnight in tent.

Day08 Trekking (about 28 km, 8-10 hours, 3900m-4100m)
Get up in the early morning to watch the sunrise appearing from the summit of the 5400m-Gyeluo La Snow Mountain. Afterward, begin trekking along the chattering brook. Clumps of azalea tree grow everywhere. So quiet the world that you feel just out of the world. Set up camp at Nayu valley.

Day09 Trekking (about 23km, 7-9 hours)
Start trekking from Nayu valley, uphill first and then downhill along the mountain ridge. The slope is somewhat gentle all the way. Set up camp near the village in the lower reaches of the Dagu valley. Overnight in tent

Day10 Trekking
Trek downhill and reach the Lhamo Latso Lake (4900 m) along the valley. Surrounded by high mountains, the hoof-shaped lake cavers an area of about 2 square kilometers. Having so great a faith in its magic predicting capability, the Tibetan eminent monks would go to the lake for observing and finding omens for the recognition of every reincarnated holy boy of the Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas of all generations. While, numerous believers regard it as the treasure mirror, which is able to reveal their fates. Highlighted with the now peaks, azaleas and the remains of the old temple, the scenery around the lake is very beautiful. Overnight in tent

Day11 Lhamo Latso Lake/ Chokorgye - Cuijiu
Pass by Chokorgye Temple and trek downhill about 24 km to Cuijiu (4300 m) for 8 hours. As long as reach Cuijiu, end the trekking. Overnight in tent.

Day12 Cuijiu/ Gyatsa/ Tsedang
On the way visit the relic site of the Mansion of Lhagyari situated in Chusum County. It was originally built in 13th century and symbolizes the local ruling privilege of the descends of the Tobo Kingdom through the Sakya and Phagdru regimes. In the late afternoon reach Tsedang (3500 m) the Playground of Monkeys in legend. Overnight in hotel

Day13 Lhasa airport dropping off from Tsedang
Morning transferred from Tsedang to the Gongga airport (90 km) in the morning end of trip.
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