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500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
Fishing in India

Let’s go fishing! Since time immemorial fishing has been one of the most beloved past time water sport of the people in India. Whether one loves to eat fishes or just for the pleasure and fun purpose, fishing is the best leisure activity one can come across. The Indian coastal areas provide high adventure for trawler fishing while the wide rivers in the hinterland sport an ample variety of fish. Another kind of fishing related activity is Angling that has important methods of conservation. A good, healthy stock of fish is not the only product of the conservation efforts of anglers, waterside plants, insects, birds, mammals and reptiles also get benefit of eco friendly sport. Weather conditions and climatic changes always affect the breeding times of the fishes, that’s why angling seasons are timed to protect the fish while they are reproducing. Sports Fishing or Recreational fishing still continues to be a famous water sport round the world and because of the popularity the sports enthusiasts there are a set of regulations made for the fishing season in which a certain species of fish may be caught, the permission for the minimum catch per day and the choosing the fishing sites. Some favourite game fishes are Salmon, Trout, Bass, and Pike in freshwater, and Sailfish, Tuna, Marlin, Tarpon, and Bonefish in saltwater Angling & Fishing In Himachal: The state of Himachal is the ultimate angling destination. Both brown and Rainbow Trout acclaimed as the best sport fish in the world are to be found in Himachal’s streams. Upstream of Rohru in the Pabbar valley region of Himachal, there are several spots that are ideal for fishing. Chirgaon has a trout hatchery, and other common trout fishing sites are- Seema, Mandil, Sandasu, Tikri and Dhamvari; situated near to Rohru. The upper regions of the Beas River in the Kullu valley, and its side streams like the Sarvari, Parbati, Sainj, Hurla and Tirthan - especially in the areas around Aut, Patlikuhl. Katrain, Raison and Largi also make excellent spots for the fishing sport. Angling & Fishing In Assam: Angling is also among the favourite sport of Assam. The major fishing point in the state is River Brahmaputra, yet one can also check out Jia Bhoroli River, Kapili, Manas, and Bhalukpung too for a better game of angling. Angling & Fishing In Arunachal Pradesh: The state of Arunachal Pradesh, Pasighat have a lot of places like Yingkiong, Bodak, Siom, etc., that provide good spots for Fishing and Angling. The Mahseer being a favourite among angles, getting a 20-30 kg over here is not uncommon. The colder waters of the higher reaches of Arunachal have the golden and the rainbow trout and anglers can easily enjoy the traditional but effective methods of fishing while trekking in the jungles of Arunchal. MAHASEER FISHING The Mahseer is a fresh water scaly fish, which can attain a huge size, and shows more sport for its size than a Salmon and therefore is considered the best sport fish in the world. The Mahseer quite avidly takes to bait such as spoon, plug, fly or livefish, an erroneous impression has gained ground that they are carnivorous and rapacious. Careful studies have shown that they are omnivorous and take almost any thing available in water ranging from weeds, snails, crabs and live fish. The Etymology of Mahseer suggests the word could mean a fish with "lion's gameness", " big scaled fish" and "fish par excellence Mahseer inhabit different rivers throughout the length and breadth of India and the sub continent. Experts have identified about six species in India, but no detailed information on the present status and distribution of these species is available. The different species of Mahseer inhabit various habitats, ranging from tropical waters where temperature in summer goes upto 35 C to sub Himalayan waters where the winter water temparature drops closer to 0 C. Though Fishermen consider the Golden or Himalayan Mahseer ( tor putitora ) as the main species available on the Saryu & Mahakali rivers, besides the Silver and Black Mahseer. Goonch ( bagarus bagarius ), a fresh water scavenger is also another species that thrives in these rivers. Though accurate data on the catches of Mahaseer for different parts of the country are not available, comparison of figures from isolated surveys and observations of Anglers indicate that in the past Mahseer of 70 - 80 lbs, have been frequently caught in the Indian waters. It has been reported that the Mahaseer can grow to weights exceeding 100 lbs.

Outline Itinerary
Day 1 : DELHI – KATHGODAM - CAMP Dep. Delhi 5 AM. Drive 550 km to Pancheswar (12 hrs by car/14 hrs by coach). Alternative would be to take overnight train to Kathgodam and take coach on arrival early morning. This would cut road journey by about 5 hrs. Overnight in camp.

Day 2 : CAMP Fish for Mahaseer on plug & spoon at Pancheswar on the confluence of Sarju & Kali rivers. Record Mahaseer taken at this site is 80 lbs. Overnight in Camp.

Day 3 : CAMP Fish early morning and after breakfast start rafting. Overnight halt at Surnia river junction. A small stream coming in from Nepal which affords a lovely camp-site and fresh water.

Day 4 : CAMP Raft to the confluence of the Ladiya river and camp overnight at Chuka.

Day 5 : CAMP Negotiate Chuka rapids (grade 3-4 depending on water level). Latter half is a smooth sail through Purnagiri gorge. Put out at Boom. Lunch & overnight in Camp.

Day 6 : CAMP ; DELHI Breakfast & departure for Delhi, arriving late evening after 430 km drive.
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